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AMSOIL Dealerships Provide Solid Opportunity in Times of Economic Uncertainty

Slump. Slide. Bottom-out. Bust. Collapse. Decline. There are many ways of saying it, but the American economy is on the verge of an official recession. Wikipedia defines a recession as a decline in a country's gross domestic product (GDP), or negative real economic growth, for two or more successive quarters of a year. One of the most dangerous words associated with recession is unemployment. As many Americans are facing layoffs and cutbacks, AMSOIL Dealers are thriving nationwide.

What Constitutes a Recession?

A recession is a downward spiral, with each component affecting the next in one big snowballing problem. One of the main symptoms of a recession is a reduction in consumer spending. This results in a decrease in the production of goods, which results in a growth in unemployment, which results in reduced personal income, which results in a decrease in consumer spending, and so on. Eventually, the stock market also suffers, adding to the financial woes.

What Causes a Recession?

There are too many factors that contribute to the development of a recession to pin-point a single cause. It can be caused by over-production - a situation in which the supply of goods exceeds consumers' ability to consume. Another major contributor is people's confidence in the economy. People who aren't confident in the security of their employment spend less. Manufacturers that believe consumer spending is declining produce less, leading to layoffs. Oftentimes, mere speculation that a recession is imminent is enough to spur a bad day for the stock market. And, each of these factors affects the others, resulting in the downward spiral into recession.

What Ends a Recession?

There is no cure-all end to recession, but there are ways to improve the nation's fiscal situation. First, in the United States, companies are free to charge whatever they want for goods and services, and consumers are free to buy or not buy any of these goods and services. The economical law of supply and demand takes over and helps to correct a failing economy.

The also will take steps to attempt to boost the economy through tax cuts, the creation of new government jobs and through the Federal Reserve System. These measures generally increase consumer spending, thereby increasing the employment rate, and the upward trend of economic recovery begins.

AMSOIL Dealers and Recession

Consumers' lack of confidence in the nation's economy is contagious, and AMSOIL Dealers are not immune to the worry created by neighbors and the media. It's never easy to watch friends and loved-ones go through periods of joblessness and uncertainty, but AMSOIL Dealers needn't fear a recession. As other industries struggle, AMSOIL is flourishing. The economy has certainly had its ups and downs over the past 35 years, but AMSOIL and its Dealers have demonstrated consistent growth. AMSOIL INC. has seen double-digit growth more years than not and the current outlook couldn't be better. AMSOIL Dealers across the nation continue seeing increased profits, even during the recent economic downturn.

In a recession, AMSOIL Dealers have many advantages. First, AMSOIL Dealers work for themselves, so they don't face layoffs. Next, AMSOIL products remain in demand, even during a recession. While consumers might cut back on miles traveled during a recession, they don't stop traveling all together. Lastly, the AMSOIL Dealer network is vast and continues to grow. Tens of thousands strong, AMSOIL Dealers promote AMSOIL products wherever they go, and there swelling numbers are a testament to the strength of the AMSOIL Opportunity.

AMSOIL Dealers Can Market a Recession

No only do AMSOIL products continue to sell during a recession, their superior performance and money-saving ability can be used as a marketing tool.

AMSOIL products save consumers money through improved fuel economy, longer equipment life, extended drain intervals and reduced maintenance costs. AMSOIL Dealers can demonstrate these benefits to consumers hurt by recession to earn sales (and stimulate the economy).

AMSOIL Dealership Provides Security

Whether working it part-time or as the main source of income, an AMSOIL Dealership provides security in times of economic hardship. The growth AMSOIL has demonstrated on a corporate level is linked directly to the success of AMSOIL Dealers. That success speaks to the mass potential of the AMSOIL opportunity, and others looking for stability in a volatile economy may find security in their own AMSOIL businesses.

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AMSOIL Product Information

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Premium AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils offer the longest drain intervals on the market, unsurpassed protection and performance that effectively extends equipment life and improved fuel economy, saving customers money at the pump and reducing the nation's dependence on foreign oil.

"AMSOIL INC. warrants that the use of its lubricants will not cause mechanical damage to any mechanically sound equipment when AMSOIL INC. products are used in full compliance with the company's recommendations and instructions."


AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are formulated to surpass engine test specifications, offering protection far greater than competing motor oils for extended drain intervals. Most synthetic oil manufacturers make no claim to extended drain intervals, deferring to the maintenance schedule provided by the vehicle manufacturer. With its unparalleled oil and warranty program, AMSOIL offers consumers unprecedented protection and economics.

Another AMSOIL First

More than 20 years ago, AMSOIL began using the NOACK volatility test as a comparison tool and measurement of quality. Back then, nearly every oil tested side-by-side with AMSOIL synthetic motor oils failed, and those that passed barely squeaked by. Other oil companies paid no attention to NOACK results until Ford Motor Company made it a requirement for service fill oils, validating what AMSOIL had said all along.

THE NOACK Volatility Test
The NOACK Volatility Test determines the evaporation loss of lubricants in high temperature service. The more motor oils vaporize, the thicker and heavier they become, contributing to poor circulation, reduced fuel economy and increased oil consumption, wear and emissions. AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil resists high temperature volatization better than other motor oils. AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil maintains peak fuel efficiency and reduces oil consumption and emissions.

AMSOIL Now An ISO Certified Manufacturer
AMSOIL recently received ISO 9001:2000 certification of our Quality Management System (QMS). NSF International Strategic Registrations is the registrar that has verified our QMS meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard, the most widely utilized quality standard throughout the world for quality management systems. ISO standards are used by over 300,000 companies worldwide setting rigorous standards for businesses, government and industry.

ISO 9001:2000 is applicable to any manufacturing and service organization providing a framework for system development that focuses on the customer, quality system performance and ongoing improvement. AMSOIL received ISO 9001:2000 registration under the scope: synthetic lubricants blending, packaging, and other fulfillment directly associated with lubricant product.

The ISO certification puts AMSOIL in line with some of the most efficient companies in the world. It is further assurance that the products and services AMSOIL provides will continue to maintain the high level of quality the company always demanded.

AMSOIL Product Information

Use This Form to Get Exclusive Technical Articles and Information on AMSOIL Products.

Receive valuable weekly newsletter by email - please complete this form.

Personal contact information will only be used to provide requested information or assistance. You will not be enrolled in advertising or marketing programs and your information will not be sold.

You will only receive the email newsletter.

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